At Rack House Bakers, we aren’t claiming to have invented food—we just “Make Food Better!”

Our mission is to “Make Food Better” by infusing it with Maryland flavor. Our slogan and mission are a reminder to us that we can always be better. Our brand, our products and our team can always be improved and we keep that at the forefront of our call to action.

We are passionate about great tasting food. We also love our home state of Maryland, which is steeped in long standing traditions when it comes to food. We’re taking some of those traditions and flavors and making them our own by infusing them with other Maryland products like local Rye whiskey, local coffee's, beer and more.

Our flagship item is an Authentic Whiskey Cake made with Sagamore Spirit. The cake is glazed with local honey that has also been infused with Sagamore Spirit. We call it Spiked Honey.

Drizzle our Spiked Honey on a fresh Rack House Bakers Whiskey Cake or just about anywhere else you can imagine! Use it in tea, on pancakes, or other breakfast foods, or just eat it with a spoon!

Rack House Bakers—we just #makefoodbetter!

Meet the Team

Chef Bobby Bassett

President and Executive Chef at Rack House Bakers. Chef Bobby has over 20 years of experience cooking, planning and promoting for restaurants, schools, hotels and special events. Born and raised in Maryland, Bobby is a local boy who knows his way around a kitchen! Simple foods with big flavor: that’s what he does and his personality matches it! Bobby is “Making Food Better!”

Introducing Bobby Bassett as Baxter:

He can handle the heat of the kitchen. Plus he's fast on his feet and agile on wheels. A clutch player in making sure that nothing or nobody gets burned in "The Goods III” an upcoming Christopher Schafer Clothier original film series by Curtis Blank Imagery. Photo by Valentina Massa